Kitten & Cat Packages

We’re so excited for you and your fluffy friend!

We offer affordable kitten and cat packages for Frisco area pets to get them what they need to live a healthy life by your side. With one of our packages, you won’t have to guess at what veterinary care comes next for your kitty. With preventative vaccinations and life-saving parasite testing, you can walk out of here knowing that your cat is set for a happy and healthy life!

Whether you’ve adopted a new little kitten or your own cat just had a litter of little ones, we’re happy to help!

easyvetclinic Kitten & Cat Packages make pet care less expensive and easier than ever.

Kitten Package

  • Kitten Vaccines (FVCRP + FeLV, Rabies)
  • Exam with Each Vaccine
  • Deworming as Needed at Each Visit
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • FeLV/FIV Test
  • Nail Trims as Needed at Each Vaccine Visit

Complete Cat Package

  • Pet Exam
  • Vaccines (FVCRP + FeLV, Rabies)
  • Deworming
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • FeLV/FIV Test

If you have any questions about the kitten and cat packages we offer for Frisco pets, we’re here to help.

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