3 Pet Wellness Tips from a Veterinarian near The Colony


Being a good pet parent means doing whatever it takes to ensure that your dog or cat gets to enjoy as many happy, healthy years by your side. This includes making sure that they receive the appropriate wellness care. In honor of National Pet Wellness Month, which takes place every October, we would like to take this opportunity to share a few wellness care tips. As your pet’s veterinarian near The Colony, easyvetclinic Frisco is here to help you help them live their best life! 

Stick to a Vaccine Schedule

When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, keeping their vaccinations up to date is one of the best things you can do. Vaccines are safe and affordable, and they do a great job of protecting pets against a wide range of potentially devastating diseases. At easyvetclinic Frisco, our veterinarian is here to help you get your pet on a vaccine schedule that is appropriate for their needs. 

Keep an Eye on Their Weight

Obesity is an epidemic among American pets. Fortunately, it is almost always preventable. While it is undeniably difficult to say no to those big, sad eyes when your pet is begging for a treat, doing so could literally add years to their life. Help your pet maintain a healthy weight by feeding them an appropriate amount of food daily, limiting their treat intake, not sharing table scraps, and making sure they get enough exercise. 

Bring them to a Veterinarian near The Colony for Wellness Care

Even if you are doing everything right at home, it is still important to bring your pet to a veterinarian near The Colony for annual wellness care. During your pet’s wellness visit at easyvetclinic Frisco, we’ll do a complete exam, check their vital signs, and look for signs and symptoms of illness. We’ll also discuss things like vaccinations, microchipping, parasite prevention, and other routine wellness services to keep your pet healthy. 

To find out more or to have your pet seen by our vet, please stop by or contact us today. 


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