How an Affordable Vet in Hackberry Can Help Your Pet Live Longer


We visit our physician annually, and our pets should visit their veterinarian yearly as well, if not more frequently since they age much faster than we do.

By choosing an affordable vet in Hackberry to provide routine wellness care and treat illnesses and injuries, you can help your best friend remain by your side longer to create many more happier memories together.

The Importance of Wellness Care in Pets

Although we are always here for your pet if your best friend falls ill or becomes injured, we offer so much more than urgent care services. One of the most important services we offer as an affordable vet in Hackberry is routine wellness care. By scheduling that yearly check-up for your pet, you can help your fur baby live a longer, happier, and healthier life. 

When your four-legged friend comes into easyvet Frisco for wellness care, we provide the following services, all of which are designed to help your pet live longer with a better quality of life:

  • Lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations
  • Thorough physical exam
  • Dental care recommendations
  • Behavioral problem identification and management
  • Diet and nutrition advice
  • Parasite screening and prevention
  • Baseline diagnostic testing

As you can see, your pet’s annual—or biannual—wellness visit is so much more than a few shots. Every component of your furry pal’s wellness visit will help prevent or detect disease to offer your pet the best chance to live a long, healthy life. One of the most crucial tasks we can perform to detect disease in its earliest stage is to run baseline blood work at each wellness visit. By monitoring your pet’s normal values, we can identify patterns and quickly detect subtle abnormalities, which we can then promptly treat.  

Affordable Veterinary Care in Hackberry

Whether your pet needs low-cost vaccinations or treatment for an illness or injury, easyvet Frisco has got you covered. Proud to offer reasonably priced veterinary care, we’re known throughout the area as an affordable vet in Hackberry who also provides exceptional service and quality of care. For all your furry pal’s health care needs, please call us to schedule an appointment. 



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