How to Manage Your Pet’s Allergies in Frisco


Like people, pets can fall victim to allergies. However, our furry friends typically do not show the respiratory signs we do, and, instead of sneezing and watery eyes, they develop itchy skin and ear infections.

You know just how miserable your seasonal hay fever makes you, and when your pet’s allergies flare in Frisco, you want to get your best friend rapid relief. 

If you notice any of the following signs popping up in your four-legged friend, your fur baby may be an allergy sufferer:

  • Licking, chewing, or scratching
  • Chronic ear or skin infections
  • Impacted anal glands
  • Licking or chewing at the paws
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Small bumps or pustules on the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots

Allergy flare-ups in pets can become much worse in the space of 24 hours. An itchy pet when left unsupervised during a workday or at night can chew themselves raw, creating a painful, oozing hot spot. If your pet begins licking or scratching more than normal, it’s time to schedule an appointment with easyvet Frisco.

What Causes Allergies in Pets?

Allergies in pets are caused by a hypersensitivity to any substance, which kicks the immune system into overdrive. As the immune system overreacts to an allergen, a variety of signs related to allergic reactions can be seen. If you notice any of the signs listed above, your pet may be allergic to the following allergens:

  • Molds
  • Pollens
  • Grasses
  • Trees
  • Fleas
  • Dust mites
  • Fabrics
  • Chemicals
  • Foods

Pets typically develop allergies to a substance that they have been exposed repeated times to, such as spring pollen or fleas. In general, pet allergies in Frisco become worse as they age, which requires routine check-ups with easyvet Frisco to stay on top of your pet’s allergy treatment plan.

Pet Allergy Management in Frisco

For your itchy pet’s licking, chewing, and scratching issues, turn to easyvet Frisco for allergy relief. When your pet has allergies in the Frisco area, they can rapidly get out of hand, leaving your poor pal miserable. At the first hint of an allergy flare-up in your furry friend, please call us for an appointment.




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